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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Strategy & Architecture

Interested in reaping the benefits of speed, cost savings, and flexibility that a sound Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) strategy can achieve?

Trinity offers an EAI strategy architecture that ensures a lasting model for automating and integrating business process for your enterprise. As part of our services, we provide the following:

» Integration strategy

Review of existing infrastructure and examine considerations. Then recommend an EAI strategy for your organization, including consideration of technologies and standards, the method of integration, and a global city plan for the enterprise.

» Product recommendation

Identify products that best fit your organization and can maximize return on investment. Independent detailed evaluation of relevant EAI products as well as, a clear understanding of each tools capability and applicability in the overall integration plan.

» EAI workshop

Conduct interactive workshops on the EAI technology to ensure its understanding and acceptance. These workshops will highlight the impact/benefit of EAI from the perspective of each user/department as well as describe their required involvement in making the initiative successful.

» Integration architecture

We work with you to define the integration architecture, by assisting in developing enterprise data management standards and processes, and building reference architecture for all integrations within the enterprise. The standards will include messaging standards, naming conventions, choice of business object definition standards (e.g. OAG, RosettaNet, etc). As part of this exercise, we also build proof of concept integration for a selected section in the enterprise data flow conforming to the reference architecture and defined standards.
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EAI Product Implementation

Trinity's deep R&D relationships with best-of-breed Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) product vendors help deliver the perfect solutions to your integration needs. Our EAI product implementation focus revolves around state-of-the-art products from Microsoft, TIBCO, webMethods and BEA.

EAI Product evaluation selecting the product that suits present and future integration needs, across your organization.

» EAI Product Implementation

Understanding the integration needs and successful implementation of EAI products. Our proven methodologies and templates ensure that this implementation adds value to your business.

» Custom Services

Using expertise in EAI Tool and applications, in building adapters for EAI product vendors, to deliver tailor-made solutions to you.

» Business Process Modeling

Modeling of business processes by our domain experts by leveraging industry standards and best practices.
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Integration Maintenance

To meet the challenge of maintaining complex integrations, Trinity provides maintenance support to its integration services, designed to ensure that you reap the benefits of integration for a long time. As a part of this service, we provide the following:

» Integration Monitoring

Day-to-day or periodic monitoring of the integrations including, load balancing, exception handling, performance tuning, and troubleshooting tasks (from administrative and functional/technical perspective). We periodically publish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

» Integration Sustenance Services

Tracking, tracing, and fixing bugs: interaction with the application software vendors - backend, front end and middleware. This also includes maintenance of code control and versioning of all items involved in the integration.

» Integration Upgrades

Enterprises need to update their installations as software versions change. Our integration maintenance services take care of software upgrades, patch management, as well as database and application migration across multiple platforms.
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Integration Services
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
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