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Trinity, the leader in IT consulting & product development has developed it's second generation "Software Development Methodology" as the company shows a significant improvements in on-time delivery of the products that have evolved from the implementation of SRG SDM Methodology.

Trinity-SDM is a methodology designed to improve the product development practices, reduce the documentations & enable early validation of the implications of the architectural approach.

Trinity SDM Architecture is based on the frame work of the various industry models used for software development. Enterprises are striving to improve IT business processes and are faced with managing hundreds of applications that are distributed, multi- tiered and running across multiple platforms. Trinity found it's SDM Methodology to be an effective approach. Trinity delivers high-performing, complex systems to solve business challenges. Trinity 's SDM Methodology and expertise in product development, combined with Trinity certified Professionals, industry expertise, and implementation capabilities, allows us to develop solutions that bring exceptional value to our clients.
» SDM LSM (Linear Sequential Model )  is based on: - System Development Life Cycle    (SDLC) Model

» SDM CLV (Cyclic Version Model)  is based on: Prototyping Model

» SDM RAD (Rapid Application Development ) is based on: Rapid Application    Development Model

SDM CBM (Component Based Model) is based on: Component.
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