Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Beyond all the buzzwords and the onslaught of new technology, an ERP system is the heart of business operations. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps you in automating the enterprise and speeds up transactions across the organization. Companies that seek to manage costs while increasing profitability must make decisions based on a timely analysis of accurate data. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a complete set of business applications that runs entirely on the Internet, enabling you to cut costs; increase revenues across front- and back-office functions; and access current, accurate, and consistent data.

TCI excels at enterprise IT solutions. From your software platform, optimized for the ERP environment, to your support and services infrastructure, we support you every step of the way in your re-engineering journey. TCI understands the vision for the application and not simply the current technology.

Our solutions are typically integrated with supply chain, HR and Payroll systems, e-Procurement, e-Business and CRM applications. We combine an integrated solutions approach, experienced project teams, offsite delivery, offshore delivery, and strong technology practices in solutions like SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle.

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